The Flight Distance

If you ever tried to get close to a bird at the park or beach, you were probably able to get within a few feet before the bird flew off. The same applies to most other animals in the wild. The distance which animals will allow you, prior to making their escape, is part of a defense mechanism called “the flight distance.” This distance increases when they sense you are a threat and decreases as trust is developed.

I believe prospects have a flight distance as well. A prospect protects this space by defending their existing situation, expressing a need to “think it over”, or attacking you with questions.

The question is, “Does the traditional style of pushing, cajoling and attempting to persuade a prospect, decrease or increase the prospect’s flight distance?”

What happens to your flight distance when a sales person pressures you with all the reasons you should meet with them or buy from them?

PIMS Inc. – Venator Sales Group Client Testimonial

More than 25 years, PIMS New York Inc. has been servicing marketing and communications teams in the cosmetics, health & beauty, and consumer products industries. PIMS works closely with companies to create and distribute their customized marketing collateral. Venator Sales Group is a sales optimization company that has been working with PIMS since early 2015 to help build a sales culture and a sales management process to drive new business. Venator is a sales training and sales coaching organization focused on setting company goals and targets, sales strategy, sales management tools and CRM adoption.

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