Fishing For Prospects

So often when I work with sales people I find they are “wrestling” with apathetic prospects to get them interested in their products or services. These prospects refuse to open up and admit issues. They present themselves as extremely neutral in their interest and skeptical of needing the sales person’s product or service. Disinterested prospects can come from anywhere including cold calls, referrals, networking, trade shows or even call-ins (looking for information).

The biggest trap sales people make is “persistently” attempting to cajole and convince these prospects. Although occasionally this does lead to “temporary” success, where the sales person is able to evoke a vestige of interest from neutral or negative prospects, the problem with this approach is that it inevitably leads to a big “think-it-over.”


Why We Scout For Sales Talent

Incoming leads are great!  People hear about your company due to some form of marketing, or better yet, a referral.  However, cold prospecting is extremely critical since it keeps the pipeline growing and enables a good sales person to truly target the perfect prospects!  That’s right – first research, then make the call.  In the recruiting world, this in my opinion also comes down to sales: cold calling or SCOUTING is a must!


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