Removing the Self-limiting Barriers to Sales Success

“The economy is hurting us”

“Our solutions are too expensive”

“We need better marketing, website, social media and brochures”

“Our competition has better features and benefits than us”

Sound familiar? 

When salespeople are struggling, they have a litany of excuses for their troubles. While some of these reasons might be valid, there is usually something deeper going on: That person isn’t self-actualizing as a salesperson and therefore not doing what is necessary to find new opportunities and close new business.

At Venator we use an acronym called SLOBS (self-limiting obstructive beliefs) to describe this situation. This is the learned helplessness that salespeople collect throughout their career along with the rules imposed on them by others.

Some examples include:

  • Cold calling no longer works.
  • I must send a quote as soon as my prospect asks for one.
  • My prospect will get offended if I ask about competition and budget or ask too many questions.
  • I must discount in order to get the business.
  • Any type of conflict with a prospect will destroy the relationship.
  • I must bring a subject matter expert on a first call to earn credibility.

These are just some of the many SLOBS that hinder salespeople’s success. A great way to litmus-test these SLOBS is to ask the salesperson the following questions:

  • If the opposite were true would it be to your advantage?
  • Do you find yourself emotionally defending the belief despite contradicting experiential evidence?
  • Do you quickly dismiss other people’s offering of proof that contradicts the belief?
  • Would questioning the belief require action that is uncomfortable?

Effectively addressing and correcting these beliefs is critical to sales success and defines what separates the good from the great salespeople.

One of the hardest expressions of self-assertiveness is challenging your limiting beliefs” -Nathaniel Branden

John Carino is the Director of Account Services at Venator Sales Group LLC, and has a successful career in sales and sales management with over 25 years of experience. Venator Sales Group is a Sales Consulting, Optimization, & Training firm with a laser-focus on improving every aspect of a client’s sales culture and sales performance. Founded over a decade ago by high-performing, professional sales practitioners, Venator combines a strategic sales management approach with real-world understanding of the factors necessary for success in today’s selling environment. Venator helps companies turn around inconsistent or lackluster sales performance by infusing a sales culture based on accountability, compliance, and critical thinking.

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